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It's all change at Impact Digital Radio

The brand new Impact is on the way and it will blow your mind.

The New Impact Digital Radio it's the ultimate mind blowing experience

The New Impact is seriously intense enjoyment

We have the hottest DJ's

At impact Digital Radio we have the best male and female Dj’s on the planet. Our staff are so in tune with the vibe here at impact that each one is spiritually connected to the super consciousness.

This means when you listen to impact you feel a amazing spiritual feeling which actually elevates your spirit, and elevates your vibrations to experience a supernatural experience this may initially sound a bit strange, but, take it from us, you will.

Impact Digital is no ordinary radio station. We are connected to the super consciousness and we are a portol to the ultra high spiritual vibrations of the raputure.


Listen to Impact Online on Digital & On your smartphone

You can experience impact digital radio on any device, online, on Digital DAB on your tablet, on your smartphone.

Coonect with us today, and experience the ultimate spiritual experience when your soul responds to the call of a familiar voice the still small voice inside you that recognizes it’s the creator and when it hears this voice your soul elevates and dances and parties to the universe in a super vibration of joy.

It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, its the feeling you get when you listen to the worlds favourite radio station!! Impact Digital Radio.

Impact Digital Radio Player

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All over the world

Impact Digital Radio

We broadcast using the very latest technology both on digital radio, online on DAB, and on your smartphone. We also broadcast around the world on  satellite.

No matter where you are in the world you can listen to this amazing radio station we are no ordinary radio station, Impact was one of the very first online stations, and our long history go way back much further even than that.

This station has a calling and a purpose not only to give you a amazing emotional experience when you listen to us, but, to transform your emotional state to one of higher spiritual awareness.

Listen and experience the elevation of your mind, body, and spirit as you engage with the supernatural vibrations of impact Digital Radio.

Join our top team of staff

If you are interested in being part of the impact family and working at Impact Digital Radio we would love to hear from you.  We are based in Scotland, but we are listened to all over the world.

This means we are looking for presenters, DJs, news bloggers, and, content providers of all kinds. We are all part of this beautiful world, and it is our mission at impact to help to elevate the souls and consciousness of our listeners to a point where we all feel part of the impact movement and to spread joy and peace around the world.

In these challenging and very dangerous times we are living, we need more than ever to look within each of our own hearts and remember how blessed we all are to live in this beautiful planet.

Help Impact to spread the joy and love of the brotherhood of man and to love and help our fellow human beings to live lives of love, compassion and kindness to each other.

help to provide programming and content to impact that will bring joy and happiness and appreciation of all the blessings we have together as one human family. of individual, nations, and univsrsal citizans.

Nobody Does it better

At Impcat we are familiar with a saying from our listeners.

Our listeners have often said even from the very beginning, and we hear it often and that phrase is .. Impact is number 1.

Our listeners always say that because they know when they listen to impact we touch their souls like no other online radio station, it’s part of our DNA, we play GOOD TUNES, and we connect your soul to the vibrations of the collective.

It is an unmistakable feeling, and you know when you get it!! and here at Impact is where it is our listeners know it and so will you.

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